ViPR trainer

ViPR for trainers

With over 9,000 exercises already devised ViPR offers virtually limitless ways to challenge and motivate your client.

Not only will ViPR help you deliver sessions your clients will love, its programming potential is limited only by your imagination – have a look at some of our pre-made programs. There are certified training and advanced programming options ready for you to purchase.

Get creative with ViPR

ViPR enables full-body movement

Human anatomy is unified. The muscular system is an interdependent system that works best when trained together. Whole-body integrated exercises are at the very core of ViPR.

ViPR contains multiple tools in one

The range of movements, along with the number of different exercises and methods in which movements can be manipulated, mean every movement can be tailored to the individual using it. For example, simply offsetting a handgrip to a weaker side will push more effort from the weaker side of the body, rather than the stronger side compensating for the individual’s weakness.

ViPR can be used indoors and outdoors

ViPR can be used in a number of different scenarios and environments, inside or out and on any surface. All outdoor-based exercises can be manipulated to reduce impact in a studio or indoor environment.

ViPR is mobile and versatile

ViPR can easily be transferred by hand from one place to another and fits into the back of a car. Due to the compact size, it can be easily stored and thrown, flipped and rolled without being damaged. ViPR is virtually indestructible, and beyond the occasional wash down requires no maintenance.