ViPR trainer

PT testimonial – Gene Davis

Gene Davis

My name is Gene Davis and I work at Medina Fitness Studio, a private personal training, massage and physical therapy studio in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, NY. I have been using ViPR for around three months but have immersed myself in using and learning about it. I own a 20kg and a 6kg and the studio where I train has 4kg, 6kg, 8kg and 10kg ViPR.

I am having tremendous results both personally and with my clients using ViPR and am convinced that it is the single most effective training tool available. I have played sports competitively and trained for over 25 years. I am new to certified personal training but have quickly developed a client base thanks to ViPR. Now the other trainers are standing around watching, trying to learn how I am using ViPR. I am quickly becoming the guy everyone wants to train with, so I want to say thank you to everyone at ViPR.

PT testimonial – David Sinclair

David Sinclair

“It’s changed the way that I’m working entirely,” comments David Sinclair, owner and founder of Five Star Fitness in Glasgow, about the ViPR training course.

David attended the full-day’s training course in Glasgow in May after he saw the training tool advertized. He was interested in the product, and the fact that he didn’t have to travel far for the course combined with its relative inexpensiveness guaranteed his attendance.

“The training course took the mystery out of ViPR,” says the studio owner. “Whenever anyone sees ViPR for the first time, they do a bicep curl with it, but you soon realize that’s not how to use it. The course showed us such a variety of moves that you can do with ViPR, working in three different planes of motion and working on people’s balance and posture.”

It was the education and knowledge that David picked up about working in different planes of motion that has led to him changing how he works. He explains, “Doing the ViPR course has led me away from the more conventional exercises, the three sets of 10, and the more boring exercises where it is just repetition after repetition.

“I hadn’t been working in three planes of motion: I was stuck in the old routine of chest press, shoulder press, the old ideas. It’s led me to further explore working in three planes of motion as I’ve just started a functional performance diploma.”

After completing the course, David purchased ViPR in four different weights and he says there’s not a single session in which he doesn’t use the kit in some shape or form. He agrees that, for personal trainers to keep their clients, they must be constantly on the lookout for new trends and equipment to continually educate themselves.

“It's a question of evolving; I’ve been doing this for 14 years and I’ve always been looking at the new innovations that come out,” he says. “However, I’m always questioning and I’m always sceptical. I’ve seen a lot of things come and go and I’ve not bought into them, but this was interesting enough to investigate further and it’s definitely changed the direction of my training and my sessions.”