ViPR certification

ViPR certification

ViPR in the media

“ViPR is not a reptile, but it is deadly”, wrote Men’s Health as they introduced a killer interval workout: a full body blast CV and strength routine with just one piece of kit in under 30 minutes.

From interval training to the friendly face of resistance work in women’s and sports-specific titles, via the business case in the trade press – plus on-air clips as well as print extracts – here are a few examples of what the media have been saying about ViPR.

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Men's Health website, November 2010 – ViPR full body workout

"Utilised by everyone from gym novices to hardened cage-fighters the battering-ram-like ViPR ("Vitality, performance and reconditioning") is that rare thing: a seemingly faddy piece of equipment that actually works."

Men's Health magazine, November 2010 – Snake grips

"ViPR isn't a reptile, but it is deadly. It's a soft bar that can be lifted, thrown and flipped - giving a full workout in the time it would take to queue for the bench".

Women's Fitness magazine, November 2010 – Get ready to ViPR!

"Tone your entire body in just eight moves with the latest in fitness equipment."

The Scottish Sun, 7 October 2010 – It's a bug's strife

Becky tells how ViPR is helping her train for the Great Scottish Run.

Running Fitness magazine, February 2010 – Fitness focus

A look at what ViPR can do for runners – and it's quite a bit, it turns out. Michol Dalcourt explains which ViPR exercises really get the feet and hips working properly.

Daily Mail, 2 January 2010 – Drop those barbells! This is the new way to work out

"ViPR provides a range of workout options, teaching the body to work in an effective way both in and out of the gym."

Daily Express, 28 December 2009 – Best fitness trends 2010

"A new piece of gym equipment which could take the palce of gym floor favourites kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls."

Ultra-FIT magazine, December 2009 – Does ViPR have the bite?

Who better to road-test ViPR than John Shepherd, former GB athlete, fitness writer and editor of Ultra-FIT?

"ViPR's utilitarian looks reflect its great functionality. After swinging it, skipping with it, running with it, carrying it, twisting, turning, jumping, balancing, pivoting, in short doing virtually any movement with it, I came away thinking that ViPR is indeed a great fitness tool for all sections of the fitness world."