ViPR trainer

Views on ViPR

ViPR is the equipment of choice for some of the biggest and most respected personal trainers and fitness trainers in the world.

"If you don't have ViPR, then make it top of your shopping list. If you can't afford them, sell all other bits of equipment you have. This puppy is probably the best invention in the fitness industry, period ...."
Paul Taylor, CEO Personal Training Academy, Australia

"You can manipulate speed and range of motion across all planes. So versatile, so applicable for any goal. The exercises are endless."
Rodney Corn, international presenter

"There is nothing on this earth like ViPR, the versatility, the way that it extends and moves your body is like nothing else out there. If you have not trained with ViPR, you have not trained at all."
Paul Taylor, international presenter

"What a sensational way to challenge the body in all three planes of motion, doing everyday challenges that have a carry over to real life. ViPR is one of the best workouts, if not the best workout, I have ever performed. This is for everyone."
Ian O’Dwyer, international presenter

"I just tried a ViPR workout for the first time – super, excellent!"
Annette Lang, international presenter

"We pride ourselves on providing members with the latest innovation in order to keep them motivated and excited about coming to our clubs. ViPR provides a variety of workout options, teaching the body to work in an effective way both in and out of the gym."
Nick Hudson, national fitness manager, Virgin Active UK

"Fun, versatile, innovative, yet highly functional. This is the most exciting piece of free-range functional equipment we’ve seen in a long time. The perfect personal training tool to implement within your club. ViPR has literally endless possibilities: strength, power, stability, sport-specific conditioning to rehabilitation. Focus on conditioning in all three movement planes: 3D training the way it should be. Indoor and outdoor, our trainers have been maximising the benefits of ViPR.”
Richard Earney, fitness and wellness manager, Aspria, Europe

"ViPR … it's fun, it’s challenging, exercising potential unlimited, watch out … here it comes!"
Douglas Brooks, international presenter

"Our members are always looking to get more from their workout, which is why we have now brought ViPR equipment to each one of our clubs nationwide. Delivering an effective whole-body workout, ViPR training combines strength and fitness training to increase muscle definition, burn calories and reduce body fat while increasing flexibility in over 9,000 exercise variations. ViPR is the most exciting new development in the fitness industry today."
Rob Beale, group health and fitness manager, David Lloyd Health Clubs

"I tried ViPR and every tissue in my body was wiped, every movement pattern I needed to perform was loaded."
Scott Hopson, international presenter