ViPR trainer

ViPR in the media

"ViPR is not a reptile, but it is deadly”, wrote Men’s Health as they introduced a killer interval workout: a full body-blast cardio and strength routine with just one piece of kit in under 30 minutes.

From interval training to the friendly face of resistance work in women’s and sports-specific titles, via the business case in the trade press – plus on-air clips as well as print extracts – here are a few examples of what the media have been saying about ViPR.

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Pure fitness magazine, March 2012

"Chalothorn flipped, lifted, carried, dragged, threw and rolled the ViPR through a circuit of strength and movement exercises that worked his cardio, strength, power, agility, balance and core."


Rachel Buschert, an EQUINOX instructor says (about ViPR), “I look at it like a body bar, treadmill, Kettlebell, and medicine ball put together in one beautiful rubber tube that, with some creativity and hard work, can transform your body.”