ViPR Group Fitness

Train the way we were built to move using the intense and challenging new programs ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic, which will revolutionize your classes and give your members the power to load up their movement for serious results.

The ViPR Group Fitness (VGF) programs have been developed by a team of highly skilled industry leaders who not only have a sound knowledge of ViPR scientific principles, but a practical understanding of instructor needs. The programs have been created and structured in such a way that instructors can choose whether they use them in their entirety or create their own exercises. They have the freedom to choose what is best for them and their class.

With society increasingly time-poor and an ever-increasing market for quick but effective workouts, VGF programs utilize a 30-minute class construct for both physiological and psychological reasons.

Both ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic were formatted to take full advantage of whole-body integrated training while also creating an environment for group fitness instructors to easily lead a ViPR class and make any necessary modifications for their group. ViPR 3D is a traditional music-based fitness class and ViPR Athletic is for more athletic populations and provides a unique atmosphere in the class.