ViPR certification

ViPR certification

Introducing ViPR

It may look like a humble rubber tube, but ViPR (“viper”) is an extremely effective training tool.

Virtually indestructible and incredibly functional, ViPR has already made its mark in gyms, in instructor circles and in the media.

ViPR is designed to:

  • Provide an effective, whole-body workout
  • Build muscle and burn calories through strength and movement training
  • Be lifted, dragged, thrown, stepped on – and pretty much any movement you can think of
  • Be safe as it’s made from rubber
  • Be suitable for all ages and abilities, with weights ranging from 4kg to 20kg



Why ViPR?

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength. It’s the ultimate functional, whole-body training tool, combining the programming of a traditional resistance workout together with the physical agility needed for an optimal sports or fitness performance, easily making ViPR the most innovative fitness breakthrough in years.

What can I use ViPR for?

ViPR can be used by personal trainers, sports coaches, studio and fitness instructors to develop whole-body strength, improve co-ordination and increase flexibility. ViPR can be used in a variety of settings according to preference: small group training; team training; one-to-one personal training sessions; sports conditioning drills; home use.