ViPR Programming

Get your clients started with ViPR today using our pre-built programming below. Find the right program for your client based on their training level, with beginner right through to advanced covered.

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ViPR gaiting program

As humans, we were created to move about the environment in the upright position - bipedal locomotion. The beauty of this bipedal-upright design, along with many other cool features such as a compressible-rotating-lordotic spine, is that gait affords us humans the ability to travel while minimizing the energy expenditure.

ViPR balance program

Without balance, there is no platform for strength output. In fact, most components of performance suffer without balance. ViPR offers load shifts through the field of gravity, which demands the body react through counterbalance, stability and eccentric loading, which can then be followed by a directional force output. This ensures there is an authentic transfer to the demands of everyday life.

ViPR core program

This series of movements can be used to focus work at the core. The exercises are a tilt predominately for the glute and back lines; a prone role and pushup for the abs, chest and front lines; a lift which targets the Lateral lines; and a prone knee tuck for the abs, chest and front lines. The sequence of exercises can be performed at a high tempo which raises the metabolic cost, especially with the continuous transitioning from the prone to the feet and back down. This mini-series works through all planes, can serve as an independent workout, and can even be a game as a ‘core challenge’.

ViPR foot mobilizer program

We harness and direct forces of gravity via ground force reaction. To sequence forces through the body from the ground up in a desirable process, the foot should have sufficient mobility. These four exercises will work towards creating the necessary mobility in all the most common problematic areas, such as soleus (calf group) extensibility coupled with ankle dorsi flexion, foot pronation into big toe propulsion, foot eversion and inversion, and big toe dorsi flexion.

ViPR hip mobilizer program

It is imperative that whole body movement be initiated form the hips. This series of four exercises can help mobilize the hips in all three planes of motion and can be implemented pre-workout, post-workout or even be the focus of the workout.

ViPR football program

Football requires speed, stamina, power and explosive movement – all traits that this comprehensive program will provide. This series of multiplanar movement will ensure clients are in the right shape to compete by working the whole body with every movement.