ViPR Programming

Get your clients started with ViPR today using our pre-built programming below. Find the right program for your client based on their training level, with beginner right through to advanced covered.

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ViPR weight loss program

This four exercise workout can be used with clients interested in weight loss. Multidirection tilts with shuffles can be highly metabolic, and can be easily modified by reducing ROM when fatigue sets in so work can still be safely performed. To make this a complete workout, a lift and shift through all planes is employed. All exercises demand body level changes to keep energy cost high.

45-minute introduction program

The 45-minute introduction program is the perfect way to start using ViPR with your clients.

ViPR six-week program

This six-week program will gradually build your clients’ fitness and function with progressive ViPR exercises.

ViPR fitness program

Improve your clients' cardiovascular and muscular fitness with this metabolic workout, which uses moves from all of the ViPR series. This is great for those looking to lose weight. ViPR fitness maximizes time efficiency without sacrificing metabolic demand, strength demand and multiplanar movement.

ViPR function program

This program specifically uses integrated movement patterns that are common in everyday life, meaning that everyday fitness and quality of movement are improved. The majority of ViPR function exercises target movements often neglected in the training environment, yet are key to maintaining good neural and tissue functioning.

ViPR mobility program

This is the perfect way to improve your client's mobility with a functional ViPR workout, which focuses on the key areas of the body to increase mobility and range of movement. ViPR mobility restores or improves upon 3D mobility through the foot and ankle, hips and spine.

ViPR muscular program

This series of sequencing movements will improve strength. Clients will look more muscular but, more importantly, their functional strength and stability will also be greatly improved. The ViPR muscular program adds to the toolbox of modified common and uncommon strength exercises with lifts, shifts, carries and rolls.

ViPR running program

By focusing on the body’s sling systems and integrating ViPR into a series of movements working on mobilization, this is the perfect program for runners of all abilities. ViPR running offers a unique composition of exercises designed to specifically improve upon tissue extensibility, mobility, and strength of the recreational to competitive runner.