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Paddy Cunningham

In 2011 I weighed over 24 stone, now I’m well under 16. My name is Paddy Cunningham and I am a former contestant and runner-up on the UK TV show The Biggest Loser. Having battled with my weight all my life, I know all too well the importance of exercise when helping to trim down. These days I’ve decided to turn things on their head and go from being the one that’s obese, to helping those who are overweight. I’m now a qualified personal trainer.

I was first introduced to ViPR during my time on the TV show, and to be honest, I absolutely hated it initially – simply because I found it really hard. Using ViPR made me ache, and made me sweat but, in essence, it played a role in helping me get thinner!  As a client, it’s great to know you can go hell for leather with ViPR without worrying about breaking it or damaging it, or doing something majorly wrong – moves can be kept simple at the start until your client gets used to it. However, I would still encourage some ViPR moves to get them used to using the tool from day one.

Nowadays, I don’t go anywhere without ViPR – I had initially been using a larger ViPR when training clients as it was great for big compound movements, flips and even boxing. However,  recently I did the ViPR Instructors Course and was completely blown away by all the additional exercises I hadn’t even thought about – it really was one of the best CPD courses I have done to date.

So, as my area of interest is weight loss, and we are talking about ViPR, I thought I would put together a sample workout aimed at a client who is trying to shed those pounds.

I have included a dynamic section at the start, and then a more standard format for some of the key moves traditionally done in a gym. The great thing about ViPR of course, is that you don’t need to be in a gym and, if anything, I think it would be fantastic to spread out over the traditional exercises, with something such as sprints, jogging, etc. in between to make it feel like a circuit session while also still maintaining the key movements.

Warm-up, flexibility and cool-down are assumed

Dynamic (30s each then rest x 4 rounds = 10mins)

Lateral Shuffle and Tilt
Thread the Needle
Cylinder Lift
ViPR Box

Traditional full-body/PHA workout section – (3 x 15), all moves using ViPR

Chest Press
Sumo Squats
Bicep Curl
Bent-over Row
Shoulder Press
Forward Lunges
Standing Tricep Raises
Forward Flips