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I always thoroughly enjoy my time teaching in any country, but my recent trip to Japan to present ViPR was an especially great five days.

What impressed me the most was the level of trainer that participated in the national trainer course (three days) and one-day live program.

We had a range of trainers on the three-day national trainer program, from high-end PTs training people with a host of desired goals to strength coaches training professional athletes in sports/games such as baseball, tennis, rugby and rock climbing.

We also had the honor of being able to share ViPR with a strength coach from the Japanese Olympic Committee. As you can imagine, the attention to detail regarding biomechanics, periodization for training movement and movement ideas for sport was at a very high level and many deep conversations were had over the three days.

The one-day live program was just as exciting, as again we had a high calibre of attendees, such as many PTs with training studios who condition high-level athletes as well as a graduate of Gary Gray’s GIFT Program. For me, this day was a great insight into how ViPR can help a wide array of areas within fitness goals.

I am thoroughly looking forward to my return to Japan to see how they all have developed in their use of ViPR with their clients and patients, and also to catching up with my new friend on how his trip to London for the Olympic Games went.

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