ViPR certification

ViPR certification

Become a ViPR trainer

The ViPR™ training course is suitable for a variety of health and fitness professionals including personal trainers, gym instructors, physiotherapists and sports coaches. You will be given a full introduction to the principles of whole-body integration and training with ViPR – while giving you the knowledge to develop your own programmes for implementing ViPR in your facility or with your clients and athletes.

There are two elements you are required to pass in order to qualify as a ViPR instructor:

1. ViPR online learning
2. ViPR training course

The ViPR online learning includes Educational Foundation module 1 (CECs available). To successfully pass this section of the qualification, students must pass a multiple-choice exam before they can continue on to the practical section of the qualification.

The one-day ViPR training course (CECs available) provides an introduction on how to successfully implement ViPR with your clients. Once you have successfully completed this section of the course, in order to qualify as a ViPR trainer, students must re-visit the ViPR online learning to complete a multiple-choice exam for ViPR modules 2 and 3.

Prerequisites: To be eligible for ViPR training, instructors must hold a Level 2 fitness qualification.

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Ongoing support and trainer resources

ViPR is established in four continents, with both master trainer teams and certified trainers established in each continent.

The goal of ViPR is to create a global network of trainers that share how they use ViPR with each other.

We want every ViPR trainer to learn from fellow ViPR trainers.


By joining trainers will have access to regularly-updated programming.

Free Access

New to ViPR? Our Free Access package will give you samples of everything you need to get started with ViPR, including sample articles, videos, audio files and pre-made programmes – all absolutely free of charge.

Pay As You Go

Still getting to grips with ViPR? Take control of your education with our Pay As You Go package. Get specific access to ViPR articles, videos, audio files and pre-made programmes all absolutely free of charge – while having the option open to download additional resources.

If you work in a specialist field where ViPR certification is not essential, our Pay As You Go package allows you to download additional resources to suit your specific requirements, including sport and rehabilitation-specific content.

Certified ViPR trainer

Only available to certified ViPR trainers, our Certified ViPR Trainer package builds on the ViPR education you already have, giving you access to pre-made programmes, plus full access to extended video clips, articles and audio files. Optional downloadable content is also available to meet your specific requirements.

ViPR Trainer Plus

As part of our ViPR trainer network, be the first to hear about the latest news straight from our ViPR development team with the ViPR Trainer Plus package. With unlimited access to extended video content, pre-made programmes, all ViPR articles and the full ViPR exercise library, you’ll have the tools to deliver world-class ViPR training to your clients.

And that’s not all – you can promote your own brand in association with ViPR. You’ll have access to a range of premium marketing materials to help you attract new clients through recognised brand association, as well as giving your own brand an identity above competitors.

You’ll have permission to personalise and use ViPR branded marketing materials across all your promotions, including websites, business cards, letterheads, signage and advertising.